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3” and 5” Sports Ball Iron-On Transfers

Everyone has a favorite sport to play or watch! You can celebrate your preferred sport with our exclusive football, baseball and volleyball heat transfers from Colorstar Crafts. You’re able to customize jerseys, t-shirts, tote bags and more for children and adults alike. Our sport balls iron-on decals include volleyball, soccer, basketball, baseball and football fabric transfers in white, orange, brown, black and yellow. Each ball’s colors are as accurate as possible.

You’ll receive a mixture of both 3- and 5-inch balls within each package. Mix and match the sizes to create a unique garment that screams "sports fanatic." The balls retain their color as you add them to any clothing hue. Your baseball, football or iron-on soccer ball decal will always be white regardless of the background color. You’re able to secure these to a majority of fabrics. Our sports ball iron-ons are durable and have high washability!

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Iron-On Baseball Iron-On Basketball Iron-On Football
Iron-On Baseball
Our Price: $1.85
Iron-On Basketball
Our Price: $1.85
Iron-On Football
Our Price: $1.85
Iron-On Soccer Ball in Black Iron-On Soccer Ball in White Iron-On Volleyball in Black
Iron-On Yellow Volleyball